• DuPont™; Teflon® coatings prevent the hard cheese dough, coming from the cooking and stretching moulding machine, from sticking to adjacent surfaces and helicals.
• The edges of the hard cheese come out without holes from the cheese mould.
• Prevents the cheese from crusting.
• Extends the durability of the metal, because it prevents the cheese acid to diffuse into the metal.
• Can be cleaned easily with a soft brush and water.
• Because of its easy cleaning property, saves time and labour.
• Prevents bacterial spawn and therefore provides you a production under hygienic conditions.
• Operates in high (260ºC) and low (-190ºC) temperatures.

Sugar producers coat their sugar cube molds with Teflon® because of its nonstick, easy-clean, wear and temperature resistance properties.

Teflon® prevents the sticking of the packing plastics to packing plaques and knives, which are used in packing and working on high temperatures. Therefore, Teflon® prevents the food going sour before its shelf time because plaques and knives will success a more effective sticking. Quality of packing can be increased and rate of waste caused by sticking can be minimized.

Teflon® prevents polyurethane to stick onto the surface of the cylinders, that are working at high temperatures. Therefore, faster production with higher quality can be provided. Rate of waste can be minimized.