Kafsan Industrial Coatings Industry and Trade Limited Company, founded in 1980 with
foreign capital, has displayed activity with 100 % Turkish capital since 1998.

Kafsan is located in 3000 square meters area in Zeytinburnu, executing world standard
coating operations. The main goal of Kafsan, that offers better coating quality at competent
is being the leader coating company in the Middle East beside in Turkey.

Kafsan, awarded DuPont license to apply DuPont™ Teflon ® fluropolymer coating as “DuPont
Licensed Applicator”
in 2004, the newest company based in the Europe this license was
granted to.

Kafsan, with advanced environmental awareness and environment friendly technological
solutions, neutralizes the wastes that can harm the environment from the coatings by using
various filtration and purification systems.

We supply our customers with right surface coating solutions to their technological
problems. Our engineering staff and sales-marketing executives can assist customers in
choosing the finish with the best combination of properties to meet the demands of their

Kafsan’s types of coating services include Fluoropolymer (Teflon®), improved thermoplastics
(Rilsan®) and silicon resin.

Markets served include textile, bakery, food, packaging, footwear, chemistry, white goods,
automotive, aerospace and defence industry.